Whole Foods Market Store Display

Series of store art installations for Whole Foods Market stores. Each design was unique, designed to complement the architectural style of the store and the spirit of the neighborhood or city in which it was located.


This panel for the Baltimore Inner Harbor East store was backlit and installed near the rear of the store, visible as you walked down perpendicular aisles.

This series of backlit panels was installed over the cooler section of the store in Sandy Springs, Georgia. The sequence of panels uses abstracted details from photographs to tell the story of food -- from the simple (seeds and grains) to the complex (sentient animals).


An admittedly poor quality photo of the installation.


A diptych created for the P Street store in Washington DC. These two panels also tell a narrative -- the story of food from cultivation to purchase.

ss_books4 ss_eggplant7  ss_honeybear2 ss_tomatoes4ss_oj3 ss_peppers8 ss_saltnpepper5 ss_fruits4

With a series of free-standing panels created for the store in the South Street neighborhood in Philadelphia, I drew a series of still lives, then scanned an applied various textures and an ink wash created separately.


These panels were installed around the store.

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