Draft Horse Studio partnered with KCTechworks to help the Lawrence, KS-based non-profit dccca rebuild a visually outdated and unmanageable website in conjunction with a new branding campaign and organization-wide restructure of information responsibilities.

A straightforward and elegant website to showcase Baltimore's international counterparts. A source of information about the cities, and a means for the non-profit to promote its global mission.


Touchscreen kiosk designed and developed for Union Station's exhibit, Memories of Union Station, which premiered during the station's 100th anniversary. This interactive display combined archival images and artifacts scanned from originals from Union Station's archives, along with letters and digital texts from people who submitted their memories and anecdotes of the station.

The technical aspects of the project were handled by kctechworks, llc.

View a demonstration copy of the Memories of Union Station kiosk here.


Video of kiosk in action:

In conjunction with brand development for this Italian tourist agency, Draft Horse developed a new website that reflected the beauty of Italy through professional photography and enticing copywriting.

A Shopify-based site for a national company that sells locally-made souvenirs in airports via vending machines.

I also developed the branding and identity for SouveNEAR.

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