Gaia Series Screen Prints

The Gaia series is a collection of whimsical sprites who are spirits of endangered earth systems.

Each screen print is four colors, and printed on card stock or French paper and fit in a 9" x 12" matte.

  • The Wetland Sprite is inspired by Florida and South Georgia's iconic cypress swamps, South Florida's mangrove colonies, and the snowy egret, ubiquitous resident of wetlands throughout the US South.
  • The Forest Sprite is inspired by many hikes and camping trips in forests throughout the US. Late at night, watching campfire embers drift off into the deep starry sky, I sense him out there, watching and waiting with his retinue of winged and scurrying friends.
  • The Glacier Sprite is inspired by our Earth's receding glaciers, so critical to our planet's stable and comfortable climate, relied upon by innumerable species, include the sprite's companion polar bear -- and us.
  • The Coral Sprite is inspired by our planets endangered coral reefs and forests, and accompanied by her faithful friend the octopus.
© Copyright 2021 Draft Horse Studio LLC
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