Antico Sole Website

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In conjunction with logo development for this Italian tourist agency, we developed a new website that reflected the beauty of Italy through ... [+]



A gift and merchandise manufacturing startup needed a brand and logo that captured a mix of contemporary flair and old-fashioned charm. We found the ... [+]

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Fully responsive site built for Mobtown Moon, a project organized by a group of Baltimore musicians who re-imagine Pink Floyd's class Dark Side of the ... [+]

Guns Vs. Votes


Second Amendment activists and fringe right-wing activists sometimes use the argument that the Founders gave citizens the right to bear arms as a sort ... [+]


Astronaut, author and public speaker Mike Mullane needed a site that would convey the many highlights of his exciting life. It should inspire ... [+]

Process graphics


1901group, a Virginia-based IT consulting company, needed a new set of graphics that depicted various processes in their toolkit. These flexible ... [+]

Kids’ Recycling Poster

recycling poster

I'm a member of my son's elementary school's "Green Team," a group of eco-minded folks who are brainstorming ways the children can learn about ... [+]

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The Gender-Based Management Information System, or GBVIMS, is a non-governmental agency that works with many humanitarian groups across the globe. ... [+]

Prop 37 Poster


Proposition 37, on the ballot in California Nov. 6, 2012, if passed would require that food manufacturers label any products that use ... [+]


An expansive newspaper web site. My wheelhouse for more than ten years, represents countless hours of invention and re-invention. View ... [+]


A new website for the Carbondale, Ill.-based National Association of State Land Reclamationists, an organization helps efforts to restore or reclaim ... [+]

Bruce McKenzie, Shipwright


A 2009 slideshow I created with reporter Chris Landers. Chris interviewed Bruce; I took photographs, edited the conversation, and created this ... [+]